Why Link Your Website To Twitter, Facebook, Google+ And Other Social Media?

Published: 08th January 2013
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Any major business now has links to their Facebook, Twitter and Google+ littered all over their websites. And probably LinkedIn, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Digg, Tumblr and Flickr as well.


Well, because the way people communicate online is changing. Fast. A successful company can no longer expect to have a static website and simply change the graphic every year. Companies and businesses are developing online to be more and more like offline businesses. They are recreating the personal physical contacts and relationships they have with their customers online. But now their customer base just got potentially bigger to the tune of 6 billion!

Consumers online are savvy and they aren't necessarily just looking for a one stop shop. Customers are engaging in dialogue about your business whether you like it or not!

For example, if you sell screwdrivers and a customer buys a set from you. If they really like the screwdrivers, they will take a photo of them and upload them to Facebook and tag your business. What better recommendation and solid word of mouth advertising could you ask for?

Now, turn the example around. The screwdrivers aren't what your customer expected and they take to Twitter to vent their views. If you are on Twitter, you can quickly reply apologising and offering to look into it, maybe send a second set and more than likely your prompt customer service will lead to the Tweeter sending a message of thanks directed @yourbusiness. However, if you aren't on Twitter, how can you know what people are saying about you and manage it? Your business name could be being trashed all over town and you would have no idea why your sales are slumping.

Reviews and ratings by customers across social media are so important to your business for 2 reasons.

Firstly, they are important because personal reviews carry a huge amount of weight on the internet, more so than in the high street. In a clothes shop you can touch the fabric, check the size but online you have to trust photos and written measurements. So if 15 users have highly rated the clothes seller for quality, it builds your business reputation and status online. So the more your business is reviewed, praised and highlighted and the more you respond positively and effectively to negative feedback; the more you cement your business brand. You can invite people to rate you and mention across social media platforms with simple buttons on your site and feedback emails.

Secondly, reviews and ratings are important because the more you are talked about (especially positively) the higher your rankings will soar on search engines. Social media are great methods of boosting SEO. I helped a travel website set up their Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Their keywords received 165000 searches monthly on Google and the first 10 pages on Google were taken up by major travel agencies. Within 1 week, they were on page 1 through the dialogues they were engaged in on Twitter! Social media can mean the difference between your site receiving 3 visits a week and 3000 if you are clever enough.


Twitter is a great tool for your business because it allows you to answer FAQs, directly talk to customers, advertise and network. The # feature that lets people search by topic means that you can follow your niche topics and always make sure you are part of the conversation. The more useful your input, the more your business will be promoted and favourite and the more you will be viewed as an expert in your field.


Facebook is ridiculously powerful. When you search any subject in Google, Facebook is bound to plaster at least part of the front page. It is superbly designed for SEO. A great feature over Twitter is the fact that customers can post on your page or tag you but you can control what is said about you and take down what you don't like. So if you have a customer post a compliment, you can highlight, share and promote it, but if you are trolled (users posting vile slurs) you can have it removed immediately with little chance of your customers becoming aware of it.


The major benefit of Google+ is that it contains the word Google. Google+ is owned by Google and is already a major challenger of Twiter and Facebook and much of that is down to rankings. The more Google+ circles you are a part of, the more you post to your Google+ page, the more people who +1 your information posts and pages; the higher your Google search ranking goes. Google+ is one of the most powerful ways to boost traffic to your site.

The other social media platforms such as StumbleUpon, Tumblr and Reddit are all useful and popular as well. However, for a successful online business, you need to check and update (with useful posts) your Twitter, Facebook and Google+ accounts twice a day, whereas the other social can be updated as and when you have the time.


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